Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Truecrypt 7.0 gets Hardware Acceleration and more

Truecrypt - The free open source encryption tool which gives many commercial encryption tool providers to run for their money has once again proved it's worthiness! Just released Version 7.0 has got some really commendable features such as Hardware-accelerated AES, Auto Mounting of the encrypted volumes and partition/device-hosted volumes to utilise different sectors sizes. Though hardware-accelerated AES is currently applicable only for Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7 processors, it is worthwhile to enable it because it provides up to 4-8 times faster performance compared to the normal open source version of the AES implementation.
It uses the embedded AES-NI (aka "AES New Instructions") instruction set for performing the crypto operations, but it is clear that the key generation does not use the AES-NI Instructions. (Thank god! :))
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Use this amazing tool to safe guard your data be it confidential or not! You'll agree with me if you have the habit of carrying your portable Operating systems, Tools sets, Working data and Documents on multiple USB thumb drives wherever you go/roam! :)

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