Monday, May 24, 2010

Simple productivity tips and utilities

There are thousands of utilities to help in productivity. But using the following improves it a lot.

Essential PIM  - A nice portable freeware which can store all notes, addresses, schedules and appointments. Available from

Flashnote - A quickly accessible background application which can be used to store and access all immediately accessible content in a categorical manner using a short cut key. With little organisation, this utility can rock. Portable version of the application is available. Available from

Clipdiary - A quickly accessible background application which captures whatever is copied on to the clipboard using Ctrl+C. It orders the copied content in a chronological manner helping in retrieving older content in an easier manner. Unfortunately, now the product has been made commercial from freeware. If you could find a freeware version, use it. Can be made portable. Available from (Note: Only commercial version is available from the given link.)

More utilities will be added soon.

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